Mangawhai Physiotherapy is an accredited ACC practice.  At Mangawhai Physiotherapy we are able to register your claim directly with ACC without needing a GP or doctor referral. You DO NOT need to see your GP first, you can come directly to us to register your ACC claim.

ACC is able to cover an injury that has resulted from an incident or accident, meaning that you must be able to state exactly what caused the pain and injury. For example stepping in  a hole and rolling your ankle, or lifting a box and pulling your back. ACC is unable to cover injuries that are a result of an insidious onset – meaning that the pain has slowly started and gotten worse but you are unsure what the cause is. Examples of this are achilles tendonitis or runners knee and arthritic back pain.

ACC can cover an injury which has happened in the past 12 months, and ACC will assist with the cover of physiotherapy costs for 12 months after the injury. Each injury has a set amount of treatment sessions allowed by ACC, and if you need further sessions then we are able to apply for more on your behalf.

Work related gradual process injuries must be registered by the GP.

There is a co payment for ACC injuries of $30 for the initial consultation and $25 for follow up appointments.